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Bali Outreach Testimony

We were just finishing up a time of street evangelism in Ubud.  As we were headed back to our car we passed some ladies advertizing massages outside one of the spas.  We had noticed them earlier but since we were headed somewhere else and assumed they didn't speak english we didn't stop.  As we passed them again, Madeleine turned to me and said "Ellie, I feel like we should give these notes to the ladies back there."  Part of our outreach that day was passing out notes of encouragement, so she handed me some of them and we went to the ladies to deliver them.  When I got over to the ladies and handed them the notes, they asked me to read them out loud to them.  The notes said things like "God loves you very much," and "You are beautiful and your smile makes the world brighter," and other things to that degree.  After reading each one of them individually and passing it to a specific woman, I told them that I truly believed what those notes said, and asked if I could pray for them.  They hardly spoke any english, so it took a few minutes to communicate what I wanted to do for them, but after a while I was able to tell them that God speaks to us and He cares about us.  While I was trying to talk with the women, another person who worked in the spa pulled out his phone and started askig me questions about God using Google Translate.  I was able to respond through Google translate, and after that, it was like everyone's ears suddenly opened and they were able to understand what I was saying to them in English even though they only spoke Indonesian!

That led to a 40 minute conversation with the guy working in the spa and the other ladies there about how big my Tuhan (God) is and how much he loves every single one of them.  They could suddenly understand almost everything! I told them that Jesus wants a relationship with each of them, and then asked if anyone wanted a relationship with him, and if they did, they only needed to ask him.  Nova (the guy working there) said that he did!  I prayed with him and he accepted Christ right there in front of the spa! It was so encouraging to see God work in this way; through giving new life and planting seeds.  Praise God!


The Climb Continues

Seven Weeks Down, Five More to Go!

The Climb Continues

The Lecture Phase of a DTS is similar to climbing a mountain.

It starts out pretty gradual, there's beautiful trees and plants all around as you begin to walk. The incline gradually gets steeper but the climb is still easy. You don't really notice how high you've climbed until you break above the treeline. Suddnely you turn and look out over the valley and realize that you've gained substantial altitude!