Spreading The Love

Learning to give away what we have received.

Spreading The Love


Every week we venture onto the streets of Davos to spread some love! A few weeks ago we walked around with "Free Hugs" signs and the response was incredible. We hugged some people that you could tell were really sincere and really craved that love. Never underestimate the power of a hug that is coming from someone who radiates the love of the Father! ⠀


When we go out on the streets and do different activities it is so cool to see the response of people. One thing that people find crazy is when we give away free things to display that Christ's love is free for us. It is sometimes hard to understand that somebody that you don’t even know would want to give you something. But this is what Christ did for us, paying the greatest price possible.


It has been so cool to watch the Summer school students grow in confidence as they go out each week to share the love of Jesus. This week they will be headed on outreach to Bali. Please pray for them as they serve and build relationships with people! 


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