Week 5 - Wiler Week

Broadening Our View One Roadtrip At A Time...

Week 5 - Wiler Week


Last week the Summer DTS had the opportunity to do a class alongside another YWAM school in Wiler. So two weekends ago they packed up their stuff and road tripped west. They spent the week getting to know other YWAMer’s and learning about biblical worldview. Through this they had the opportunity to hear from many different speakers from different backgrounds who shared about God in the business world. It was a week of broadening perspectives and horizons.

Last Friday the rest of the staff team had the opportunity to join them for Wiler’s 30th Anniversary celebration. It was an incredible weekend of hearing of God’s faithfulness over the past 30 years and also meeting old and new friends.  During this week we also had the chance to hear from Sacha Ernst, who spoke on the topic of missions, and also hear from many other people from YWAM Wiler or friends of YWAM Wiler.

I am reminded time and time again by these gatherings that in YWAM we are one big community. This isn’t exclusive. Whether you have done a school through YWAM, have spent years investing in YWAM, or even just feel like a YWAMer at heart, then you are part of this community. This is a community that seeks to always push for more with God and to cause others to always seek for more as well. It is a community that strives to see the supernatural and is focused on relationship with God and with others. It was so inspiring to see how a couple hundred people from all over Switzerland will drive to show support, celebrate what God has done, and encourage others to push for even more in the next 30 years!


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