Lesbos, Greece


Embrace is a new ministry of YWAM Davos designed to give local young adults a taste of missions. It is comprised of two days of training and team building at our center in Davos and 12 days of outreach to a different country. The goal of Embrace is to help wherever help is needed and reach out a hand to people in need while showing them the love of God.

For our first Embrace, we felt called to lead a team to Lesbos, Greece to work in a refugee camp. We spent ten days serving in the camp with an organization that has been there since the beginning of the refugee crisis last year. Our team had opportunities to help pass out food, clothing, find housing for new arrivals and guard the family housing areas. We were also able to spend a lot of time playing with the children in the camp and building relationships with the refugees. We were amazed at the amount of generosity and love we received from the refugees living there. Many of them have been living in the camp for more than three months, and since the camp was only made for very short housing, living conditions are very tight there. Despite the living conditions being hard, most of the people in the camp were so giving and we were invited many times to have tea or dinner with the families.
In the last year, approximately 600,000 refugees have passed through Lesbos. The island is small and centered around tourism, which has almost completely stopped since the crisis hit last year, but the local Greek people are still very inviting and treat the incoming refugees like valuable people. We were honored to work alongside so many people that serve the refugees so well and show them the love of Jesus daily. We will continue to run outreaches with Embrace next year with the next one going in Spring of 2017. For more information, you can visit the Embrace website.

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