SFDTS 2017

It’s been three weeks jam-packed with excitement!

SFDTS 2017

The first week went like most first weeks go - getting used to a new schedule and settling in. 

The second week dove in a little deeper as we talked about living a life dedicated to sharing the love God has for each of us.

The third week talked about relationships and what God’s intention is for them, both in the romantic and non-romanic sense.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) came to town! So we took some time to bake lots of smiling cookies to take them out to the streets and spread joy! Cookies are a great conversation starter. Most people are taken a bit by surprise when we try to offer them a cookie. This generally leads them to ask what we’re doing and then we get to tell them! We believe that God loves us all and we want people to know that! So even if it’s just handing out a silly little cookie, we want to try to show God’s love through that. And sometimes we have the chance to pray for those people and encourage them even as they are walking from errand to errand. Two people we met even accepted Jesus as their Savior! It’s stories like these that give us the excitement to tell people about Jesus. It encourages us to live our lives in a way that show the people around us how much they are loved by God.

Last week we talked about relationships along with identity. Who we think we are affects how we interact in relationships. So it’s important to know who God says we are so we can let that define us instead of looking to people for affirmation. Like we learned the week before, God’s love for each person is so deep and He wants only the best for us. So when we focus on what He says about us, we find a love that is so incredible and a freedom that only comes from being completely loved by a perfect God.

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