Educational Recognition in Switzerland

The most effective and efficient way to raise up great leaders is if you can use a mix of theory and practical application. Our training plan is rooted in different courses registered by YWAMes educational institution. In Switzerland YWAM Davos is not a registered / accredited educational institution. Depending on the country, university or college credits may be transferable. The student is responsible to figure out if the training you do here in YWAM Davos is a recognized educational course by your country or university and if you can transfer some or all credits.

LTP Phase Two

Grow & Multiply

After learning lots of the leaership basics during Phase One of our leadership training program, its time to grow your own leadership expressions and multiply what you have learned. That is why we offer Introductory Leadership Practicum I and II (UofN CHR 243 / CHR 244). An extended practical mentoring experience for potential young leaders, including work in many departments in a YWAM centre, one-on-one sessions with leaders, classroom lectures, small group leadership and organizational training.

Introductory Leadership Practicum I/II

UofN Code: CHR 243/244

Prerequisites: DSP 211 & 212 (DTS), LTP Phase One in Davos, or similar

Credits: 12 / 12



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