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Some more information

we are giving you some more information so you get an idea of what you would be signing up for. These lists are not final, we will communicate all the details with you right ahead of the event.

What’s required

  • build-up/ clean-up (outdoors)

    • physical fitness, some heavy lifting takes place
    • it’s all outdoors in good or bad weather conditions

    Stage Help (indoors or outdoors)

    • some lifting of equipment

What’s provided

    • lift pass if needed
    • lunch

What to bring

  • build-up/ clean-up (outdoors)

    • good shoes
    • snow wear for warm and colder parts of the day (layers)
    • sunscreen
    • water and small snacks

    Stage Help (indoors or outdoors)

    • functional clothing
    • good snow wear and sunn screen if outside
    • some lifting of equipment

    Ticketing (indoors)

    • appropriate clothing

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